The New Enemy of the Christmas Tree

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From my childhood I always remember the cartoonish Grinch trying to steal Christmas, the Grinch did not succeed thanks to the local townspeople, but where he failed root rot might succeed.

How is this possible? A new article from the Huffington Post claims that Fir trees in the Northwest, specifically Oregon, are at risk to Phytophthora fungus. This is a water mold that attacks the roots of these trees, and the issue is that it is not contained in the trees, but in the soil; making the problem not an issue for one generation of trees, but an ongoing issue. Oregon is the number 1 producer for Christmas trees, nearly 5 million produced there in 2007, the most recent figure from the NCTA (National Christmas Tree Association), more than twice the amount produced by North Carolina, 3.1 million which ranks that state as the number 2 producer.

One study estimated that Phytophthora could cost Oregon over $300 million. In North Carolina farmers are losing a quarter of their Fir trees per year and are at risk of losing up to 80% before they get to market.

Farmers in North Carolina believe that Hurricane Fran, in 1996, was responsible for transporting the water based mold to their soils, and it was exacerbated by hurricane Ivan in 2004.


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The Changing Acidity of the Oceans

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sea freight

The world’s oldest living creature was recently discovered, it was an Ocean Quahog, named Ming. It was found near Iceland and was determined to be 507 years old. It was born just after Columbus first crossed the Atlantic and lived to have seen many great changes in its life. From 1751 to 1994 the oceans are estimated to have gotten 30% more acidic, and over the past 25 years 12% more acidic. This changing acidity of the oceans was recently the focus of an article in the Economist which brought to light some of the changes that we are likely to see. As of now, I already know that shipping on the sea is difficult and the increase in acidity will only bring about more challenges.

The ever-present moisture and chlorides provide a tough atmosphere from which to protect against rust, corrosion, and degradation. We at Engineered Materials, Inc. have responded to the challenge by recommending our 8 Mil Intercept Shrink Film. This Shrink Film creates a safe reactive barrier on the outside as well as a micro-environment inside of the package.  This INTERCEPT created micro-environment is then free from atmospheric pollutants that cause corrosion and degradation.

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Time Capsule

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Engineered Materials, Inc. was recently contacted by the City Council of Grand Junction Colorado to consult on how to store electronics, artifacts and data inside of their time capsule. They put their data mainly on flash drives, and had the foresight to know that they would probably need current computers to pull the data off in the future. They also had the foresight to consider what would happen in their items in the capsule, specifically the circuitry in the computer and the flash drives, over time.

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary

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At Engineered Materials, Inc. we are serious about the environment. Our core products, Static Intercept and Corrosion Intercept are renowned because they are not only effective but also are nonvolatile and recyclable. Additionally the personnel we attract are serious about embracing the environment: we employ skiers, hikers, campers, divers, climbers, and sailors. The idea that we find productive and conscious ways to go about our business and lives without effecting the environment permeates our collective mindset. We look for ways to further the interests of those with similar interests as well. Through our business we have begun using green alternatives in business, and we like to inspire our staff to do the same in their lives and through their interests.

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