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The Tycoon line of games (Rollercoaster Tycoon , City Tycoon, and Railroad Tycoon to name a few) is a popular line of video games where players can design and operate their own business or cities. There was a title of the same concept released in 2013, Game Developer Tycoon. The premise was that the player could make choices about what kinds of games to develop and then actually market and sell the games to see the results and hopefully grow their businesses from their garage businesses into empires.

The, small and independent, game developers decided to release one copy of the game for sale and then release a second copy, directly onto a bit torrent site (an online software sharing site that is used for free software sharing). The trick was that the one designed for the bit torrent site was programmed identically except that it would let the user play up to a point but then sales of their developed video game would start slumping (and the company would eventually fail) because of free online sharing and piracy.

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Preparing for the Future

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 12:59 Written by Albert Greenhut Thursday, 6 November 2014 04:21

I usually stay away from writing about anything remotely political, especially after being buried in political ads over the past few months, but I wanted to address a potentially political topic. There are those who propose secession as an option for various regions, states, or counties. I personally do not think secession is a good idea, which was tried with bloody consequences back in 1861, however sometimes I do revel in the comedy of the suggestion (my favorite is the aura of superiority I sense when I hear about the secessionists from the northern parts of Michigan who actually want to call their offshoot Superior). There are so many ways that Americans are bound together it would be a travesty, and extraordinarily inconvenient, for a small group to break away. Further proof that secession isn’t all it is dreamed about is Scotland’s recent vote to not separate from the rest of the United Kingdom, thus preserving their union (and their national animal the unicorn).

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