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INTERCEPT China / Glo Pack (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - Robert Lipsky

Robert Lipsky

Robert Lipsky is from Germany. Having studied and lived in China/Taiwan for more than 13 years he is INTERCEPT’s partner for China and Taiwan. He is fluent in Chinese (besides English and his mother tongue German). With experience in industries like automotive and finance he is the Managing Director of INTERCEPT China / Glo Pack Shanghai, leading a small team dedicated to INTERCEPT and the development in one of the most dynamic markets on earth. Robert is enthusiastic about China and its big success, but sees also the drawbacks of industrial development. Because of that Robert made the protection of the environment in China by using the environmental friendly Intercept Technology one of his major goals.






INTERCEPT China / Glo Pack (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - John Fisher

Hua Tiezheng (John Fisher)

Hua is the Technical Director of INTERCEPT China. Hua is from China, in particular from Inner Mongolia, which is a province of China. Belonging to the ethnical minority of Inner Mongolia Manchurians he has lived in Beijing, Xian, Sanya (Hainan Island) and now Shanghai. As experienced with technical matters, especially the construction of truck engines. Hua has been working with INTERCEPT since 2007 and was a key role in introducing INTERCEPT to China. It easily can be said that Hua is one of the INTERCEPT pioneers in China.






Intercept Technology, Inc. - Albert Greenhut

Albert Greenhut

Albert is from the Chicago area. He pulls from a background of entrepreneurial companies, as well as work experience in healthcare and South Africa, to his role of logistics and sales support at Intercept Technology, Inc. He brings unique perspectives to our diverse product line of protective packaging and extensive worldwide network. He was drawn to INTERCEPT because of its focus on providing products that are environmentally friendly, designed to protect both products inside and the world around us, and because of our focus to giving back to our community. He brings fresh insights and enjoys finding and expanding connections between people and ideas.






Intercept Technology, Inc. - Keith Donaldson

Keith Donaldson

Keith is one of the original founders of Intercept Technology, Inc. and the original R&D engineer on the Intercept Technology. Keith has over 30 years of process and product development in companies ranging from aerospace, automotive, industrial packaging, medical packaging and electronic and cleanroom packaging. His love of the outdoors, animals and wild places drives him to develop products that are environmentally friendly as well as effective. He leads the worldwide Intercept Team with support from key leaders in Europe, Asia and Australia.







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