Intercept at the 2014 Turbomachinery Symposia

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 12:54 Written by Albert Greenhut Tuesday, 23 September 2014 03:57

Intercept Technology is proud to announce that it will be represented at the Turbomachinery Symposia in Houston, Texas by Xtend packaging, an Intercept distributor. The event takes place from September 22nd to the 25th.

We frequent this show because it is a coming together of experts in energy generation who are concerned with maintenance, performance, and operation of their equipment. Our role in this field is to come up with ways that this equipment can be stored, transported, and used in such a way that corrosion and degradation is no longer an issue.

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Intercept Technology at Thailand International Logistics Fair

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 12:41 Written by Albert Greenhut Monday, 22 September 2014 05:33

Intercept Technology will be present at the 11th annual Thailand International Fair in Bangkok this week. The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) role in international trade is continually growing. The environment of these nations, not only the temperature and humidity but also the presence of the oceans which increases the amount of naturally occurring chlorine, makes manufactured goods in this region susceptible to corrosion and degradation.

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Innovation is Speeding Up

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 12:38 Written by Albert Greenhut Tuesday, 16 September 2014 08:51

A Colorado couple just broke the land speed record for a motorcycle with a sidecar not only by a wide margin but also in an electric vehicle. Over the last 5 years Eva Hakansson and Bill Dube built this motorcycle in their garage. Their test runs yielded an average of 240 mph, but then they were able to break 270 mph on one straightaway.

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Intercept Australia Visits Darwin Corrosion Conference

Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 May 2015 12:34 Written by Albert Greenhut Thursday, 11 September 2014 02:15

We at Intercept Technology are proud to announce that we will be represented at the 2014 Australian Corrosion and Prevention Conference in Darwin Australia. We will have some of our Australian representatives showcasing our products and capabilities. We have worked in many industries and are confident in our abilities to find the best preservation method for you. We have found a truly special market in Australia. There are a multitude of manufacturing opportunities, but the mining sector has proven to be very interesting. Intercept Technology products have been used on projects ranging from protecting equipment to long term storage of core samples to keeping jewelry looking its finest as it is brought to the marketplace and sold to consumers.

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