Static INTERCEPT Woven Container Liner for an 40ft Transoceanic Container

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 December 2016 07:50 Written by Robert Lipsky Wednesday, 14 December 2016 07:49

The Static INTERCEPT® Woven Container Liner is our new development to protect your freight in a 40 ft container against external influences. The Static INTERCEPT® Woven Container Liner provides reliable protection against atmospheric corrosion, dust and splash-water during storage (up to 5 years) as well as transport of your products in a standard 40ft Transoceanic Container. The Container Liner will be anchored in the container and is reusable. After justifying and fixing the container liner can load easily because of the wide opening. After finishing the loading the container liner can zipped for shipping.

IMG_6380     IMG_6358

The Container Liner will be linked in the empty 40ft Container …

Fixed and justified …

2016     News-Produktvorstellung-SI-Container-Liner-Juli-2016b

The Container Liner will open with a zipper for easy loading …

The Static INTERCEPT Container Liner offers to you

• reusable

• oil free conservation

• clean components

• considerable cost reduction

• simple handling