Electronics Protection – ESD-Protection with RIBS

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 March 2017 07:02 Written by Robert Lipsky Thursday, 23 March 2017 06:50

Permanent increase demands on the transport and storage of highly sensitive electronic components require comprehensive and secure protection, even under extreme conditions. Electrostatic charges and the resulting discharges are still a great danger for electronic components and assemblies. Some electronic components are already destroyed only by transport in a plastic bag. ESD-sensitive components, which are not supplied in a professional package, are not fail-safe even if they work initially.


INTERCEPT technology has developed products that guarantee corrosion protection as well as ESD protection:

  • Static Intercept® Film/ Bags / Tray
  • RIBS MVTR / RIBS Ultra Film / Bags
  • Corrosion INTERCEPT foam


The RIBS MVTR product line protects the most sensitive electronics (as well as associated tools and devices) by combining four technologies in one product: Permanent electrostatic discharge protection (ESD and EMI-Guard), a water vapor barrier for moisture protection as well as the ability to absorb organic ions by activated carbon and neutralization of corrosive, free-roaming inorganic ions through an active binding to the polymerized copper particles. R.I.B.S.™ MVTR ULTRA offers stronger EMI protection as well as a stronger barrier against water vapor, for storage periods of more than 5 years.


More information: www.interceptchina.com